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Create your Giant Sub

Surprise all your friends at your Next party or Function. Create a masterpiece for all your friends or colleagues to enjoy. Select from our cold cut deli meat selections below and build to the length of your desire in 1.5 foot sections. Each 3 foot section will feed 10-15 people. Since these Giant Subs are usually custom in nature, we'll give you a call to confirm the details after we receive your order.

Giant Sub Description Price per 1.5 foot (45 cm) segment Quantity SUBTOTAL
Tier 1 (Ham / CCT / Tuna / Turkey)   $40.00  
Tier 2 (Veggie Delite)   $36.00  
Tier 3 (BMT / Club)   $43.00  
Tier 4 (Subway Melt / Roast Beef)   $46.00  
Cookies, Chips and drinks


1 Dozen Cookies $13.50
2 Dozen Cookies $26.00
3 Dozen Cookies $38.00


Drinks (1 pax) $3.20
Chips (1 Packet) $1.60


Extra Cheese $6.00
Extra Bacon $12.00
Double Meat $25.00
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