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Try one of our Sub or Wrap Platters...suitable for any occasion. Our platter serves 7-12 people. You can choose from one of our pre-selected sets or you can custom build your platter by selecting the Subs or Wraps or your choice. We will package some of our most commonly requested sauces with your platter order. Delight your friends or colleagues at your upcoming function.

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Regular Platter 7-12, Large Platter 10-15

Want to impress your colleagues or guests? Order a Giant Sub for your next function. We make our Giant Subs out of custom-baked, braided bread and we prepare them in 1.5 foot sections. A 3 foot section would serve 10-15 guests while a 6 foot section would serve 20-25 guests. But don't stop there...We can make almost any size you need. These subs take some time prepare so please give us 24 hours advance booking.

Give it a try! It's sure to please!

3 foot section 10-15, 6 foot section 20-25
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